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The Maeng Da strain of kratom is known to be one of the most powerful strains of kratom available. Once a rarity, coming from very remote regions of Thailand, Maeng Da has risen to be one of the most popular strains available. This strain of kratom is known for having higher alkaloid content. It is known to have dark colored leaves that turn to extremely green color when crushed or ground. Maeng Da is also known for its’ powerful and distinct odor.

Known for its increasingly powerful mood enhancing effects and energy, many find the Maeng Da Kratom strain to be more stimulating than others. The effects of this strain are much different than others and many find them to be very powerful. It can often be compared to certain types of nootropics for its ability to make an user feel more awake, alert, and focused. Comparative to other strains, the Maeng Da strain actually tends to increase productivity and decrease fatigue.


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    Another great strain and product

    Posted by Rick Schaff on Oct 9th 2019

    Green MD is a great strain that lasts a little longer than other strains. Experience has the best strains on the internet.

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    Life changing

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 26th 2019

    Got me off all pain pills Dr had me on. Now I can live a normal pain free life without killing my liver. Thank you Kratom

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    Changed my life

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 13th 2019

    After years of prescription meds I found kratom. I no longer need meds of any kind. Kratom fixes all and it's natural.

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    Posted by Unknown on Sep 19th 2018

    Kratom is one of the best things to happen in my life. I stayed in pain. I was so tired of taking pills and how they made me feel and act. With Kratom I just feel normal again. And NOT in pain. I enjoy my grandchildren and going to work and just being able to lead a normal life.

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    Hands down the best strain, price, shipping, and customer service

    Posted by luis camacho on Jul 19th 2018

    I have wrote quite a few reviews and will continue to write because this product has changed my life. I went from being in pain constantly from a car accident where I broke my collar bone which had to be reconstructed which also led to me being depressed. Today I’m writing from vacation in Florida with my family and I’m happy and full of life. This product is amazing. Unique and their owners and staff are amazing and by no means are unique paying me for witting this review. This product is life changing. Try it you will not regret it.

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    Strong Strain

    Posted by luis camacho on May 30th 2018

    If you guys get a chance I’ve noticed that alternating strains from red maengda to green maengda helps keep you peppy and you can feel the the effects better. This keeps me pain free all day and energized me on my worst days. Again unique is the best place to order been buying for years and they are amazing. ORDER FOLKS!!!

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    Hands down the best customer service

    Posted by shae on May 29th 2018

    I have been ordering from Kevin for a few years now and have never been disapointed. I love the green mange da it gives tons of energy and takes away all my pain. My favorite part of ordering from Unique novelty are the free samples. Its a little surprise in every box.

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    Best Maeng Da

    Posted by Luis Camacho on Jul 31st 2016

    This strain is very Energizing and great for aches and pain. I've been buying from Unique since before its name changed. This site is the real deal. Kevin is wonderful and pleasant to talk to about any and all issues. The shipping is fast the prices are good too compared to anyone else. Been a loyal customer for years and will continue to purchase because I trust them and with me trust is everything.

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    Very good raw Maeng da.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 17th 2016

    Very good product. Shipping is real fast. Ordered Friday received order on Monday. Been a loyal customer for years. I will continue to purchase from unique novelty. Kevin is great at answering questions. Highly recommend this place.